Wednesday, June 30, 2010

School Holidays!!

They're nearly here!! Just two more loooong days of school then ... freeeeedooom!!....... for two weeks....


On Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, I'm going to this three day science trip thingy to AUT called Sci-Tech. Im excited for a number of reasons.
1) I wont be uber bored and useless for three days

2) I get to see my friend from school who isn't allowed ANYWHERE other than school, church and her family's house so seeing her during not school hours would be pretty amazing.

3) I get to see my friend from intermediate whom I havent seen in about two and half years so seeing he would be mega buzzy :D

4) We get free lunch ----> SUBWAY :)

5) We get to experience hands-on science yadi-yadi-yah... LOL jokes, I actually can't wait for the sciency part.

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  1. 6) you're awesomely kind brother is going to come along with you so that you're not a lost dude in town :D