Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yays and Yikes


So tonight I got baptised. It was so totally awesome!! Getting inside that box of water was pretty awkwars.. so was the getting out part. But in between was absolute bliss (yeah it was cold... but that's negligible). It felt abosolute JOY :) I didn't know I was smiling so much till my cousin showed me a photo of me in the box of water (okay, whats it actually called?). JOY :) was the main thing i felt he was putting in my heart. It was also the thing my life-group leader felt and another friend who told me after church. So I got the word loud and clear. JOY :)

Heart of Worship is among one of favourite songs at the moment.

One more week of school. WOOHOOO!!! two weeks of holidays are soooo close ... come one ...

My family. They're always imperfect but awesome. I love them

My very few good friends. I would name them... nah I wouldn't. I really like my friends. There's like, 3 of them.. or maybe 4. That's alot.


I have a speech I have to present most likely TOMORROW. It's 11:12 and I've only ROUGHLY drafted my three body paragraphs and am still struggling to write an introduction. I've scribbled out 5 attempts. My english book looks like my letters are currently undergoing world war 3.

I have to wake up at 7:25am..... (boo)

I have a Math assesment on Wednesday

And possibly a historry test sometime this week

I have no money

Im so tried but I have to write a speech...

I CAN DO THIS!! .... :/

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  1. how about actually NOT playing that tetris game. that might help, but dont take my word for it.