Friday, July 30, 2010

Pros for living this month

Going on TV on demand to watch TV shows I missed. Mainly for Glee XD

Getting a good school report.

Doing my testimony at Christian Fellowship. It was my first time ever XD.

Having a music player on my phone so I can show people cool mP3 files like Bradley Hathaway's poems, the Lost Theme song and Third Eye Blind.

Having a stupendous laugh session with Adeleina during lunchtime. I love sharing the same humour with someone. One of the best things about friendship.

Not going to school for a day but going to town to hang out with my sisters. Mega fun!! (movies, subway, coffee and LOTS of talking!)
Watching Inception. Such a cool movie that made me go wooow. (plus Joseph Gordon-Levitt is nice)

Watching Yes Man! That movie's hilarious. Rhys Darby + Jim Carey are so cool and funny. Definately in my top 10 favourite movies. Wish you could step back from that ledge my friend. Cut ties from all the lies that you've been living in. And if you don't want to see me again, I would understaaa-aaa-aaa-and. My favourite part! :)

Enjoying most of my classes at school. I really like Maths, Science and History. My teachers rock! I should be so blessed. I know alot of people who hate their teachers.

Loving and being loved by God. It's really awesome. I love it! :D

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  1. Lost Theme Song!! Haha thats ultra awesome right.

    And yeah, Yes Man renewed my love for the old Third Eye Blind songs on our computer lawl.