Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Things that are unideal to me:

1) ME: Oh I like this song
YOU: Ew, that's old.
.... SO?!?! Is that all you look for in a song you shallow person??
Yeah, I don't like it when people diss a song because it was released LAST MONTH. You can download songs for free (illegally), so you're still poor even if it is "NEW".

2) When people say "Lost is stupid".
a) you're annoying b) you're unoriginal and c) Lost is complex, smart and brilliant. Even if you don't like it,  you must admit it's smart. Even too smart for you to understand.

3) Guys who treat girls like trash.

4) Girls who treat guys like trash.

5) Guy who treat other guys like trash.

6) You get the point.

7) When people play really loud music off their phones in public places. It's so inconsiderate to everyone, the quality of sound is horrible - most of the time it's just loud buzzing and only they can hear the music. Get earphones!!!

8) Having freshly straightened hair rained on.

9) Being short of toiletries (shower gel, shampoo etc.)

10) Crying in front of people. Its such an uncomfortable thing. I hate doing it. The thought of appearing that vulnerable horrifies me.

11) Having heaps of cool, deep, interesting thoughts then when I want to share it my mind goes blank.


  1. angry mode much.did you stub your toe just before you wrote this or something? haha nah i agree with them!! especially 8.

  2. number 10... i guess you've grown over the last 14 days then! you're good.

    jesse... i must admit that when i read your comment i assumed it was the Lost one, but when i re-read the blog, i LOL'd for real. lol i sad for real.