Friday, August 13, 2010


Two of the sweetest song for me at the moment are:

1. Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. This is his debut single and I absolutely liked it a lot! His voice was so beautiful in two other songs where he was featured in (Nothin' On You and Billionaire) and I was siked to hear that he had a song of his own. This song is just so "awwwww..." materiel. My favourite line is "...if perfect's what you're searching for then just stay the same". The song speaks about how beautiful he think his girlfriend(?) even though she doesn't think so. It's very likable with a not boring beat and piano. I think most girls will melt when they hear this song.

2. Choose You by Stan Walker. This song is my favourite single from him (followed closely by Black Box - I can never get sick of that song). This song sings of true love. His girlfriend (in the song) made him mad, they got into an argument, but he chose not to walk out or give up on love - instead, he chose her. (AWWWW...). My favourite lines are:
"Some people think that love is just a feeling, so they fall out of love as quickly as they fell in."
It's a realistic song about how relationships can take it's toll on people, but love ENDURES.

So these are my two new romantic songs that I discovered and liked... very much

Happy Listening! :)


  1. ahhhhh!!! i absolutely love the latter! and i quoted that exact line on fb yesterday!!! man... it's so.... good. true love ftw.

  2. "I think most girls will melt when they hear this song."

    played it to amy, she was like putty in my hands...

    hahaha nah its an awesome song. i think i tried to not like it subconciously, knowing that it would become famous. (what a douche right). but the song is that cool that i still hardout like it :D

  3. Totally love that Bruno Mars song! Like, totally totally. I think the reason I love it so much is coz I don't usually like that kind of music. So for it to get past the barrier just makes me give it bonus points. Love it.
    I sing/play it so much that Lali knows it, and Pati knows to turn up the car radio when it's on :)

    Hey reckon it's strange that by purposely trying not to follow the crowd, you're allowing your taste to be dictated by the crowd? Hmmm :P