Tuesday, September 14, 2010

tehehehe :D

I got an award.

The Blog Award.

Someone awesome reads my blog an thought I was Blog-Award-Worthy. I have to say seven things about myself. Then pass it on to another who I think deserves it. Here it goes...


1. I used to be really reluctant to accept things from people with no paybacks. I felt like I owed them SOMETHING. But I'd usually have nothing to give back so I didn't want to accept charity. But then I thought about all the times where I just wished another person would just shut up and accept something I gave them with no strings attached. So now, I try harder to accept things - it's still hard for me though. Working progress.

2. I smile at church when I'm totally soaked in God's presence. I love that feeling. It's joy I can never find on the Internet or in people. It's awesome.

3. My favourite subject is math. It's the one I try most at. I get really happy during the one hour we have math at school. It's the only subject that I like to do homework for. It's the only subject where I really like helping people understand. It's the most comfortable class for me.

4. I hate losing or being wrong. I almost always nearly cry.

5. I make it a point to smile to strangers. I read a story about how someone comitted suicide and wouldn't have if he'd just recieve a smile.
6. I think too much about useless things.

7. I like funny jokes. They make me happy.

I award it to...

Jesse Toailoa
He's my brother and he's smart. I like reading what he has to say. I almost always agree with him. Click the link. Click it. Now.


  1. :D

    3. english is way better. easier to fight your way out of those corners when you dont know what the ass you're supposed to be writing about.

    5. thats awesome, i should so do that right.

    7. +1

  2. The thing is Laura, you are ALWAYS smiling at church, the only time you aren't smiling is when you force yourself to not smile.

    That seems to apply to every where for you.

    Therefore God's presence is always around you and you bring Joy to people who need/want/beg for/really want it.


  3. Thanks Jono. That's really great to hear.

    (I have a weird feeling that that sounds sarcastic -- ITS NOT! lol)

    One of my favourite comments.