Monday, September 6, 2010


You know, through all this uncertainty ... my God still rocks my imperfect socks. 

I love how His peace doesn't mean no battles. But it's peace in Himself that I find right in the midst of battle. That's such an awesome thought.

Another thought - I sometimes hear preachers talk and think "that's so cliche... like, I've heard a million times before". But there's always that time where they say the same thing AGAIN (for the umpteenth time) and I think "wow! That's so totallly true! Why haven't I realised that before?!!" And right there God himself came to my face and said it to my heart. So now I never (well, nearly never) roll my eyes or sigh in exasperation when I hear a cliche line at church or by anyone really because there may be one (or more) person who really so badly needs it in their troubled hearts.

That's another thing that I hear a lot in theory but it meant so much more actually realising and understanding myself.... 


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  1. i. reckon.

    revelations are so awesome. the funniest part is when you share that it was something you got out of the message. its like... honest to who you didnt already know that... haha