Monday, November 15, 2010

Are You Sure You Want To Permanently Delete This Folder

NO. I meant to click NO..... but I didn't.

I just wiped out all the photos on my phone of people (except for my little nieces and second cousin). 

I'm one of those people that hold onto junk for years before throwing it away because I like to hold onto the memory. So this incident is like a flaming sword being slowly inserted into me.

It hasn't quite penetrated fully, but I can feel the initial shock.

I can't. Believe. My photos. Are. Gone.



  1. aww that sucks!! that happened to me's like that saying, "curiosity killed the cat". well, one day i decided to download a lot of songs, a lot of photos, and a lot of videos and games, then when i went to bed happy, i got really curious about the format button... when it said, "Are You Sure You Want To Format This" i pressed yes because i thought the format button puts my songs and stuff in alphabetical order... i cannot tell you how wrong i was!! i only had 2 songs and 3 photos left!!! but lucky for me nearly all my stuff was stored onto the computer... :)

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