Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gaga Ooh-Lala

Remember when 'Glee' covered Pokerface? Or when that boy on 'Ellen' sang Paparazzi and played the piano?

And everyone was like 'shock! gasp! wow!' (well, everyone I knew). And they were so amazed at the acoustic version. I heard "It's way better than Lady Gaga's version" so many times. But that version IS Lady Gaga's version. The other guys covered Gaga's acoustic version. She can play the piano just like that man in 'Glee' who never talks and that boy on 'Ellen'.

So I just though I'd tell you. Lady Gaga can sing and play the piano really well. She does her songs best (in my opinion).

1 comment:

  1. I always take it personally when people say stuff like "the cover is way better than the original". I dunno, it just seems disrespectful. I wish people said things like "I just PREFER it more than the original." But that's just me lawl.

    And this vid is cool, because Paparazzi is one of the few Gaga songs I can actually stand.