Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mental Picture

You know those moments you just wish you had a camcorder so you can record it all? Well, that happened to me today so I hope by writing it on here, I can never forget.

I went to school today during study leave study for math (cos math is awesome). And there were heaps of year 13s  I didn't know. So I studied in a little corner away from them with three people in my math class.

Then they (year13s) wanted to play charades and one of my friends studying with me joined in and invited me along.

I complied because even though I didnt know these people, I love a good game of charades.

I had SO. MUCH. FUN.

We went bananas at guessing what our team mates were trying to act out. Cheers, hi-fives and laughter filled the air. I love it. Thanks Melissa for asking me to join. I really enjoyed myself.
And my team won... by HEAPS :)

I'm quite competitive so that was totally cool.

NOTE: I guess this post is for my personal entertaininment. It's a you-have-to-be-there story. But hopefully when I read this next year I will remember it and smile to myself.


  1. Haha! ohhh you've got to love those dear year 13's setting a great example... O-o

    Hehe, fun it sounds.

  2. aww you sound like you've been enjoying yourself... it's fun to see you smile and hear you laugh.. because then you make us all smile and you also make us laugh not with you, but at you because of the way you laugh.. you follow? dahahaha