Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So coming to school about five and half hours earlier than an exam is a sucky thing to do. Especially if the library is closed so you cannot study in there and read books as a break from studying. Especially if the only class available to you and your one other companion is a computer room that is just begging me to use it's facilities (consequently, here I am). Especially if you hadn't had breakfast nor any money to go the bakery to buy some goodies. Especially if you're going to be here till 4 or 5 o'clock. And especially if you're extremely tired that you could just lean forward and rest your head on the keyboard.

So in case you've totally missed what I've just written - don't go somewhere hours before the required time. But of course you won't. I'm just trying to buy time.

My companion on the computer next to me is engaged in a typing activity on Typequick: Keyboard Lessons so I assume she feel the same way I do.


  1. Lawl at the last sentence! What if she's just really into typing and was having fun? :D