Sunday, December 12, 2010


I have a younger sister nicknamed Bubbles and I think she's a really good younger sister. She rarely drives me up the wall and she loves me. She's super smart and I think she understands more than an average 8-year-old can comprehend.

Every day she has a clean slate for me. If I've yelled at her the previous day, she doesn't hold it against me. When I'm in a bad mood and dismiss and ignore her, she's always so forgiving and doesn't get angry at me.

She always does favors for me when I ask and she rarely answers back. She's always polite and hardly ever says anything mean about somebody.

She's really honest and wears her heart on her sleeve. (Is it just she's young? I don't know because I don't know many 8-year-olds.) This makes her really vulnerable. She may seem as confident as a lion, but she shatters easily like fragile glass.

I hate seeing her get hurt. I hate when people mistreat her. She's super-emotional and it pains me to see her cry - even when she's in the wrong. I just want to hold her until the tears stop flowing. I'm glad I'm her sister and not her mother so I don't have to play the "bad card" a lot. I can be the empathetic friend more.

I know of children who have bad tempers, physically violent and cuss like a biker. Not her. She's an angel. It doesn't seem like it every minute of the day, but she's a good kid. 

You know, I see a lot of myself in her, except I was much more shy so it didn't show as much. She's more like my brother in that area. She says and does what she believes in.

And she's really intelligent and questions things she doesn't understand. I love that (although, sometimes she challenges me and I have to pull out the old "It's because I'm older, that's why"). That's something I struggle with and I admire her for it.

(I thought about using her real name and putting her photo on here but that's unsafe right?)

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  1. "It's because I'm older, that's why"

    Laura, I was so bummed when that stopped working on you. You'll see what I mean when Bubbles stops being content with that lawl.

    But yeah, I agree with you hardout about Bubbles, she's such a good little kid right.