Monday, December 20, 2010

Hannah Who?

I like 12 Hannah Montana songs and 4 Miley Cyrus songs. 

I'm so over people hating on Miley's... style. I know. I thought Miley was that O.T.T bubbly girl who was 'average girl' by day and Hannah by night! I mean, how DARE she not act like her character in her daily life. How dare she be her 18 year old self. Who does she think she is, being whoever she wants? What does she think she have? Free will?

Okay, her new songs and clothes were shocking but we've had time to adjust and get over it. Uhh... did you know she's not Hannah Montana?? In case you didn't, I'll just say that the songs she used to preform and the clothes she wore were because Disney wrote Hannah Montana that way. Now she sings and wears what she wants to and isn't tied down by Disney.

I hear a lot of people say she was a role model to little girls. Well, personally, I don't think little girls under 11 should be watching it. Hannah has an attitude  towards her dad and doesn't listen to him, argues ALOT with her brother and talks about boys every day. She never mentions school work unless she failing. Now let's give this to our 7-year-olds so they can look up to her. Smart.

Her "Can't Be Tamed" songs aren't preferable, but that's just me (and most likely you).

My favourite Hannah Montana songs:
- I'm Still Good
- See You Again
- Make Some Noise

My favourite Miley Cyrus songs:
- 7 Things
- Party In The U.S.A

Tiered Ruffle White Dress - Thumbs up!
(by Dolce & Gabbana)



    Hey i love this kind of look on her. Its kinda sopisticated. Could imagine this on kristen stewart 2. Nice post :)

  2. p.s i agree with you about the "get over it" thing, the media makes it 10x worse then it is. I mean look wot happened to Britney, they forced that " good girl gone bad" or role model thing on her! Miley...bald...i dont know about that.

  3. For me, its not about her being a 'role model' for kids (FYI if your kids are looking to HOLLYWOOD for role models, social services probably need to step in at this point!). I just don't think she can pull off the 'bad girl' look. It looks like she's forcing it. Christina A. naturally came off hoe-y, but Miley - like Taylor Swift - just looks sweet. so seeing them in any other - should i say, 'nastier' - light seems a teensy bit...paedaephile-ish???