Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ignorance Is Your New Best Friend

I recently found out that two members (brothers) from my beloved band Paramore are leaving the band. I'm not a HARD-CORE, die-hard, fan so I wasn't like "Boo-hoo!! I'm gonna miss you Josh and Zac. DON'T LEAVE!!!". Although, Josh was one of the main songwriters so I wonder what the new songs will be like... maybe they won't be as good.

On paramore.net (their official site) a blog was published by Hayley (and Taylor and Jeremy - other band members) that Zac and Josh were leaving because they weren't happy in Paramore and that they were happy to support them and wish the best for them as they find happiness elsewhere. You can read that blog here. It seemed they were leaving on good terms and I was glad that they were leaving to be happier and not staying and doing something that's not fulfilling.

However, Josh himself published a blog about the full story (from his point of view) of why they're leaving. He even includes the founding of the band. And it turns out that there were a lot of problems along they way - not just all of a sudden their needs were not being met. It seems they never were. 

Josh wrote that Hayley (lead singer) had her own manager who kept treating Paramore as HER band (like Hayley and the Paramores or something) and said she was the real star and the guys are just supporting acts, backgroud guys.

"We travelled to LA a few weeks later for a showcase and it was a nightmare. Hayley’s manager would tell the band to be in the lobby of the hotel at a certain time, but he and Hayley wouldn’t show for hours.  We found out that they had been meeting with record label executives all morning without us, which is totally weird given that this wasn’t simply a solo artist, but we were a band. The band was in the dark the whole time.  After many meetings between Hayley, her manager and the labels they decided to sign her to Atlantic records. We didn’t understand why Hayley was the only one signing the contract since we were told this was a “band”, but we were too young to grasp all of this."

He even wrote that Hayley's claim that the their latest album 'Brand New Eyes' brought them closer together was false. Quite the contrary actually. 

"Once we finished touring on Riot, we came home for a break and started writing for Brand New Eyes. Hayley presented lyrics to us that were really negative and we didn’t agree with. For example, “the truth never set me free”, which contradicts what the Bible says in John 8:32 (“and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall sat you free”). We fought her about how her lyrics misrepresented our band and what we stood for, but in the end she got her way. Instead of fighting her any longer, we decided to just roll over and let it go."

Now I don't know what to feel when I listen to the songs. I mean, I could try and forget this whole behind-the-scene drama and focus on the music itself, as it is. But I liked the band too much to just take them for their songs. Now I know that this album was made without the close friendship I thought it was. 

The Beatles weren't always on good terms with each other but I still really like their work. So maybe I'll feel the same way about Paramore after I get over the shock.

Bye Josh. Bye Zac. 


  1. "I mean, I could try and forget this whole behind-the-scene drama and focus on the music itself, as it is"

    yeah. sad thing is, the music IS essentially what the band IS (was :/).

    far, never expected that to happen aye but i am so glad, like you said, that they are moving on to find happiness elsewhere. though it can't have been an easy decision, i really respect that they are staying true to their core values and would rather satisfy their conscience than their pockets.

    thanks for the update gartz!

  2. Aww stink. I don't even like Paramore but I hate it when people get treated like that. Maybe this will be different 'cos Paramore use their Christian image as part of their appeal...? Dunno. I was never a fan, and will definitely not start now.

  3. need a dislike button :(

  4. that sucks, wat a terrible ending!

  5. bad image for christians.. hope she sorts herself out..spiritually!!!