Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry CHRISTmas

Jesus is the reason for the season. Christmas. Time to remember the day that Jesus arrived as a baby to show us Love in the greatest way. It's amazing how much Love drove him to come to this sin infested world.

It's when I mess up and feel like an utter fool that I'm taken back by the fact he still did what He did for me. And you.

So thank you Lord. It's a shame my words aren't enough. Nothing I give is. But I'll give it anyway. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Thank you.

Here's some things I'm especially thankful for this year (they've been a great big help to me) :

- Jon Foreman and Relient K's songs for encouraging me in my Faith. They really do.

- My brother and Dan for cheering me up without trying. They just do (they're very alike these two).

- My sisters. We're the most different yet closest bunch of girls I know. Always willing to drink hot drinks and talk for hours - the perfect hang-out.

- My parents. I can't live without them. Well, maybe I could, but it'll be extremely difficult and uncomfortable. My human source of unconditional love.

- Amrita, Immy and Nicole and others in HU for studying with me. You guys made exams much less scary and gave me confidence.

- YOU. Reader of my blog. It makes writing more satisfying. Thank you for reading. 

Have a very merry Christmas. I'm sure I will. 

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  1. ANYTIME, GARDY! how can i NOT be willing to have a hot drink with you when you're always willig to make the brownies/cupcakes/muffins? win-win situation, i say!