Monday, December 13, 2010

My Monday Morning

(okay,  you can skip to the end(it's the best part) if you can't be bother reading all of it.)

One one of the suckiest mornings this year. Till 9:05 that is. 

I had a really bad sleep :/ Sleeping on a  couch makes a hot night even hotter. Then I woke up at around 3 in the morning because I made the bad mistake of sleeping in the living room - where the television is. So up I get and I stumbled my way to my super soft bed which is nearly as hot as the couch. 

Then I had to wake up 7:10 to take my little sister to school by taking the bus. I'm was super tired but you gotta do what you gotta do. I grabbed the first clothes I could find - jeans and a black t-shirt. Bad move. It was a little sunny when we left the house so I knew it was going to really warm.

Once we arrived at my sister's school, at round 8, I watched her walk in before I turned around to walk to the bus stop - that's about 20 minutes away. Well, it would've been 20 minutes if I was walking at a normal pace. However, I felt absolutely knackered and so with my snail-sloth pace, I dragged my feet down the seemingly endless Jelicoe Road. I walked slower than an old lady. I know that because there was one across the road walking in the same direction and she kept getting more and more distant from me. I got strange glances from passing cars and children. 

By then, the sun was blazing into my face and my dark clothes absorbed the smoldering heat and emitting it to my skin. Not cool.

The walk seemed like forever. One step didn't seem to get me anywhere. But it did.

I reached my destination. Well, I took a little detour to the bakery first. Not as a good idea as I hoped. My hot-chips were semi-hot and my soda was semi-cold. I would've said it was a waste of my $4 but I got to sit at a table with my food for as long as I wanted. So it was worth it. 

I drank and ate - but not all of it because it wasn't that great. And who wants unnecessary and unsatisfying calories right?

I decided sooner or later I had to get up. I chose the former. Not because I all of a sudden got a boost of energy (I didn't), but my bus would arrive in about 5 minutes. So I stood and left. Still walking slower than old lady, I took slow, deliberate steps towards what would take me home. Finally.

I was hot, bothered, knackered, a little full and unhappy. 

The bus arrived. I didn't had my Student I.D on me and I was prepared with my $1.80. I got on. 
Me: Good morning (maybe for him) driver. One stage please.
Driver: Adult?
Me: *pause* ... yeah...  *sigh* I have no I.D on me
Driver: *presses the 'child' button* One dollar please. *smiles and nods*
Me: :D

My first smile. To a stranger. The kindest person I've encountered this morning. I don't know if he does this a lot but it meant a lot to me. One little act of kindness totally brought a little [figurative] sunshine to my day (not the literal sun, that was already here, and it wasn't that great).

Thank you driver!

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  1. haha garty, love the detailed story.
    love how you've walked us through every moment... get it!??!?!?! walked?!?!?!?! hehehe.
    i <3 bus drivers like that.

    "Me: :D"