Sunday, December 26, 2010

Normal Weird Experiences

Stuff that have happened to me that are pretty weird yet normal. Have a read :)


- I tried eating squid ONCE, but all I thought was eating Squidward so it felt unnatural chewing and swallowing it. I love meat, seafood - the lot. But eating one of these guys; not cool. It feels so wrong.

- The funniest and most fun "no you hang up" session was with my mother. She urgently had to get back to work but I was impervious to her pleas to hang up first. 

- Someone winked at me once. Not in a suggestive way, but in a "ssh, I know what to do" way. It was cute and childish. And I realised how seldom (if ever) people actually wink, but they'll type a wink face >>> ;)


  1. Some people at work wink a took a lot of getting used to being on the receiving end, but now it's garty :) (I am actually smiling)

  2. wow, no-one winks in samoa that way. winks are saved and used purely for suggestive reasons only! lol. so be warned lorelore for the next time you go to samoa.

    and just as a side thing, the word "impervious" will always remind me of kill bill 2 wen Bill and BB were playing pretend shooting. :)

  3. sorry, that last comment was me!