Monday, December 6, 2010

Talk To Me, Tell Me Your Name

I've recently come to the conclusion (that so many have already comet to) that conversations in person are so much better than cyber conversations. 

It's easy to fake emotions and reactions through facebook chat or texting. With cyber converstations, I have time to mull over what I want to say and backspace a mistake. It's much easier to be insincere.

I've just gone through a process of deleting any facebook friends I haven't talked to in the past month. I kept them in the faint hope of getting in touch with them and building or rebuilding a friendship with them. It didn't work. I just kept accepting people who I knew from intermediate school or who is a friend of a friend who I talked to once or twice before. When they added me, I thought "Hey, they remember me! I wonder what we're gonna talk about. How exciting!". But adding me was it on their part. No "hi". No "it's been eons!". No "what have you been up to lately". No catch up. 

The buck stops here. My facebook friends are people who I would communicate with even if facebook didn't exsist (except for people overseas).

Face-to-face communication is so much more personal, and more meaningful. When I'm talking to someone right in front of me, they can read my facial expressions, body language and initial reaction to something they say. It's creates better friendships. And I know that when we're talking, they're not dividing their attention into a whole other conversation as is often what happens when texting or instant messaging.

So I prefer face-to-face contact. Which isn't to say I don't like texting or instant chatting. I just don't like doing it with someone who I wouldn't talk to in person. I don't like the awkward meeting where I see them in person and they don't speak to me. And it's happened a lot. So no more I say!


  1. i feel like i insipred this and hay im ur 2nd follower on FB. and its daniel i dont wanna create a profle

  2. I've had quite uncomfortable experiences with talking to people in person that I'd been cyber-communicating with for a while before, I totally agree.

    And I used to delete people like that, but they kept adding me, and I felt bad and just went back to accepting everyone lawl. Way to throw out your principles Jesse.