Monday, January 10, 2011

Dum dee dum.... Twiddle Your Thumbs....

I like cellphones because they enable for me to look busy (or be busy) when I'm in a position where I'm just sitting or standing by myself and looking around or standing near a stranger (or a friend of a friend who you haven't been properly introduced to bu you've seen each other enough times to make introducing yourself feel weird) that I don't want to talk to. 

Or that time where a conversation that I'm in a close proximity of is getting intense and really personal and I feel that I ought to acknowledge the ones who are talking that I am trying not to pry and that I'm trying to focus on something else. 

Or that time where the group of people I'm with are engaged in a conversation that either doesn't involve me (because it's an inside joke that I will never be a part of or it was a you-have-be-there topic) or I don't want to discuss what's being discussed. 

Sometimes I need to communicate with somebody who's not with me so I'll give them a text message.

P.S Does anybody else use their cellphones for the reasons I listed?

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