Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Exam Results

I got my exam results in the mail today (yes, I didn't check on the NZQA website. I wanted a hard copy. Feels more official that way).

Anyway, my results weren't the best. They weren't fully satisfactory. I understand that they may be better than others. I'm a pretty smart girl who doesn't usually get bad marks. But personally, I wasn't very happy. I know I didn't work as hard as I could've. I didn't study enough. And it showed. I studied really hard for English and I got good marks in those papers. But other subjects... not as good. I've learnt on my lesson. Bring it on Level 2! I'm ready for you.

I know many people who are very modest and would deflect compliments and deny they have spectacular marks. I don't want to be that guy.
So I'm grateful that my results weren't as bad as they could be. They were good. Just not great.

P.S If you wanna know what I got.... TOO BAD! ... lol just kidding. I might tell you at school or something. They're not anything to parade but I understand if you're curious. I would be. Return the favour ok? :P (Yes, you Nicole)

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