Thursday, January 20, 2011

Golden Globe Awards 2011: Dresses

My favourite gowns. Because that's the point of the award shows right?

Here are the ones I liked - I only have 3:

  So it's not very formal but Helena Bonham Carter's dress looks like a fun and funky dress to wear to something maybe more casual. Like a whimsical themed birthday party.

She's pregnant and she look spectacular. I wouldn't wear this dress myself but on Natalie Portman - it's fabulous. That red rose tops off the plain dress quite nicely I think.

MY FAVOURITE - A magical dress that belongs in a fairytale. Mmmmm.... :)


  1. Loves it! The red carpet part is 90% of the fun :)

  2. It is! Yeah yeah yeah, people get awards, but who's wear what (because I don't know the labels so I can't say 'who')? Now that's the real question.

  3. OMG. i LOVED Olivia Wilde's dress as well! so OTT and so hot! but i kinda wish she did her hair up a bit. unleash those cheekbones woman!!

  4. I agree with the hair-up alternative.