Sunday, January 16, 2011


You. Are. The Man.

I think you are one of the coolest girls I know. You stay true to your morals and I love your passion for things you believe in. Most of the times, I oppose you just to see your reaction. I bet you knew that already :P You're amusing and entertaining and you don't say stupid things. To me. I don't know about with everyone else. lol
I love your awkwardness when we talk about touchy subjects and we both say how weird we both feel.

I love our late night MSN sessions about an assignment due the next morning. We panic like crazy. And never learn our lesson. Let's see how we go this year eh? ;) You always finish your work before I do. Except for maths fair... but let's not go there and ruin such a lovely blog. HAHA

Don't snob me when we finish High School and make new friends okay?

Do you feel weird right about now? :D
That's right, I just blogged about you.

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