Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have this one teacher who I think is one the best teachers I've ever had. He's just brilliant. 

He challenges our small understanding and is able to direct us the right way (we're almost always on the wrong path). He not only tells us what's the right answers but he takes us through step-by-step and shows us WHY.

He's patient and knows that in order to move forward we have to get our foundations in deep. His lessons are stimulating and I learn so much. He takes all our wrong thinking and gets rid of it. He keeps his ears out during our discussions between us students and he can pick up where we go wrong. He then points it out and puts up on the right track. I didn't realise how much I thought I knew but I actually didn't.

I enjoy his lessons, although, I'm [slightly] intimidated of him. Not fearing-for-my-life intimidation, but the kind where I don't want to dissapoint him.

Better go study soon then...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday 19th February 2011

Today was no extraordinary day. But it was a good one. It was productive but not exhausting. Let me share with you the things I got up to.

I woke up initially at around 7:30 as per usual on a school day but since it was a Saturday I went back to sleep and woke up again at 10 something. Sleeping in for the [mega] win.

I did two loads of my washing. [Amy would probably have noticed that] These clothes have been lying on my floor for quite some time... Washing all my clothes made me realise I have more than I thought (though, there is room for more...).

I cleaned the microwave and oven which at my house, is a tougher job than just spray 'n' wiping. Oven cleaner spray is indeed my friend. Cleaning the oven would've been an extremely daunting task with him. I hate to break it to you Jif - but you wouldn't have been able to work it like Oven Cleaner does. Sorry. I did two rounds off the oven. It's still not sparkling clean yet but it's waaaay better than it was. Huge improvement. It'll get another huge clean next week.

I cleaned my room (Yaaay!). Without all my clothes sprawled all over my floor - my room was easy to clean up. I love how a cleaner room means more floor space. There's a nice, fuzzy feeling I get when I walk into my room when it's clean.

I did homework. Okay, that doesn't sound all too amazing but if you knew my homework history - you'd know I'm a last-minute kind of girl when it comes to doing it. Last minute as in around 1 or 2 in the morning of the due-date (right Kotalo? lol). So this is a personal improvement. 

I get a real satisfaction from having a productive day.

A downer to today however was not going to the Lantern Festival with Amrita :( Next year when I have money okay? Don't hit me :)

Now I'm ending off my day with yummy ambrosia and A Cinderella Story and painting my nails. Because I'm a girl and that's what we do.

Thanks God for today - I'll remember it when I have crappier days. 

"All of my life, in every season,
You are still God, I have a reason to sing.
I have a reason to worship".


I was watching Sesame Street last week (because it's only THE COOLEST show [after Lost]) and what I found most amusing was Cookie Monster's segment.

Cookie Monster is deciding whether he should eat his cookie or the plenty of fruits on the table. Then he's like [paraphrasing] "Hey, I'm the Cookie Monster, of course I'd have the cookie - why was I even considering fruit?". Then just as he is about to bite into his cookie, a elderly owl (which is I think meant to be wise) tells Cookie Monster how good fruit is. Then they start singing "A Cookie is a Sometime Food. And they sing about nutritious and delicious fruit is and how cookies are a "sometimes" food - only to be consumed occasionally. 

Then at the end Cookie Monster says - "Me get it. Fruit - anytime food. Cookie - sometime food. Yeah yeah yeah. But you know what? Right now... is... SOMETIME. COOKIE!! Om nom nom nom" And he eats his cookie is the neat manner that he always does. 

All I thought was "Shot Sesame Street at trying to promote healthy eating". 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Letters To My Friends

A few hours ago, I and three others wrote some letters to some Christians around the world who get imprisoned for being Christians (ludicrous right?!).

I've seen my fair share of videos showing interviews of people who get imprisoned or who have family members who have. It's so unfair and cruel what's being done to them. It's extreme and it's real. But I just watched those videos and (beautiful as they were) didn't really stick in my head. I didn't give much more thought about those suffering in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and China (of course it's happening in way more countries).

But tonight, I wrote letters to two people. And it made it so much more real to me. Their sufferings seem much more real. I didn't just think about "persecuted Christians around the world" in general but I thought of Said and Li. Two real-life Christians being punished unjustly. It figuratively breaks my heart to know (not even fully) what these two fellow believers go through. They were no longer just faces on a poster or a promo video. And I got to write to them. And let them know they aren't forgotten by humans and certainly not by God. I love writing letters and I'm so thankful to have had given the chance to write to these guys.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Class Photos

Tomorrow is that time of the year again. Where we line up in order of height (tallest to shortest or vice versa), then we either stand with our hands behind our backs like soilders or sit with our hand on our lap like women from the 1950's and try not to look too horrible for our class photos that we never look good in (or is it just me).

Which brings me to my point - class photos are lame. Not totally - I dig the idea of having a photo with everyone including the teacher and having everyone's name at the bottom so we won't forget it for years to come. 

But the actual photo - not cool. I wish we'd do a formal (boring, traditional) snapshot and then one where we're allowed to stand next to our friends even though it won't make the layout symmetrical. I mean, we're the one's buying the photos. I want a photo we're actually smiling for real and just enjoying each other. Not some awkward back-straight-hands-behind-you-or-crossed-on-your-lap-and-smiling-politely photo. That's not how I want to remember my class. The photo shows no one's personality.

I reckon we should take two photos - a formal one and a normal one. The school can have that boring copy for their documentation purposes and whateger and I want to buy the one with subtance. One that shows my class the way they are - with their goofy poses and real smiles.

I don't actually know why we do our class photos the way we do. We just do.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Mum!

I know she's read my blog once before (maybe more) so I hope she sees this.

Thanks for everything you and dad do and give to me. Another year past and you're getting more beautiful by the minute. Lots of love from your Laura :)

 For she outshines anyone whoever might dare to bask in the same candlelight 


Tuesday, February 1, 2011


School is nearly back. No one (I know) is looking forward to it. I'm sort of in that group. 

The only thing I'm really dreading is waking early up in the cold mornings. It's cold, I'm sleepy and wanting to crawl back under my blanket and shut my eyes. Apart from that, I'm pretty keen for school. I can't wait to see who my teachers are and if I'm in any of my friends' classes. I wanna see what NCEA has in store for me and work at it to pass with flying colours.

I really want to improve my school work from last years mediocre stuff. This time, I mean business.

Join me.