Thursday, February 10, 2011

Class Photos

Tomorrow is that time of the year again. Where we line up in order of height (tallest to shortest or vice versa), then we either stand with our hands behind our backs like soilders or sit with our hand on our lap like women from the 1950's and try not to look too horrible for our class photos that we never look good in (or is it just me).

Which brings me to my point - class photos are lame. Not totally - I dig the idea of having a photo with everyone including the teacher and having everyone's name at the bottom so we won't forget it for years to come. 

But the actual photo - not cool. I wish we'd do a formal (boring, traditional) snapshot and then one where we're allowed to stand next to our friends even though it won't make the layout symmetrical. I mean, we're the one's buying the photos. I want a photo we're actually smiling for real and just enjoying each other. Not some awkward back-straight-hands-behind-you-or-crossed-on-your-lap-and-smiling-politely photo. That's not how I want to remember my class. The photo shows no one's personality.

I reckon we should take two photos - a formal one and a normal one. The school can have that boring copy for their documentation purposes and whateger and I want to buy the one with subtance. One that shows my class the way they are - with their goofy poses and real smiles.

I don't actually know why we do our class photos the way we do. We just do.

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