Saturday, February 19, 2011


I was watching Sesame Street last week (because it's only THE COOLEST show [after Lost]) and what I found most amusing was Cookie Monster's segment.

Cookie Monster is deciding whether he should eat his cookie or the plenty of fruits on the table. Then he's like [paraphrasing] "Hey, I'm the Cookie Monster, of course I'd have the cookie - why was I even considering fruit?". Then just as he is about to bite into his cookie, a elderly owl (which is I think meant to be wise) tells Cookie Monster how good fruit is. Then they start singing "A Cookie is a Sometime Food. And they sing about nutritious and delicious fruit is and how cookies are a "sometimes" food - only to be consumed occasionally. 

Then at the end Cookie Monster says - "Me get it. Fruit - anytime food. Cookie - sometime food. Yeah yeah yeah. But you know what? Right now... is... SOMETIME. COOKIE!! Om nom nom nom" And he eats his cookie is the neat manner that he always does. 

All I thought was "Shot Sesame Street at trying to promote healthy eating". 

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