Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Letters To My Friends

A few hours ago, I and three others wrote some letters to some Christians around the world who get imprisoned for being Christians (ludicrous right?!).

I've seen my fair share of videos showing interviews of people who get imprisoned or who have family members who have. It's so unfair and cruel what's being done to them. It's extreme and it's real. But I just watched those videos and (beautiful as they were) didn't really stick in my head. I didn't give much more thought about those suffering in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and China (of course it's happening in way more countries).

But tonight, I wrote letters to two people. And it made it so much more real to me. Their sufferings seem much more real. I didn't just think about "persecuted Christians around the world" in general but I thought of Said and Li. Two real-life Christians being punished unjustly. It figuratively breaks my heart to know (not even fully) what these two fellow believers go through. They were no longer just faces on a poster or a promo video. And I got to write to them. And let them know they aren't forgotten by humans and certainly not by God. I love writing letters and I'm so thankful to have had given the chance to write to these guys.