Tuesday, February 1, 2011


School is nearly back. No one (I know) is looking forward to it. I'm sort of in that group. 

The only thing I'm really dreading is waking early up in the cold mornings. It's cold, I'm sleepy and wanting to crawl back under my blanket and shut my eyes. Apart from that, I'm pretty keen for school. I can't wait to see who my teachers are and if I'm in any of my friends' classes. I wanna see what NCEA has in store for me and work at it to pass with flying colours.

I really want to improve my school work from last years mediocre stuff. This time, I mean business.

Join me.


  1. "This time, I mean business."

    *that Samoan sound that kinda sounds like aaaauuuuu which kinda means 'sorry then'*

  2. Actually, it's "aaaauuuuuuuu" followed by "ssshhh" and accompanied by a sideways look of "no way"-ness