Saturday, March 19, 2011

12:16 am - 12:37 am

What I'm gonna write has nothing to do with that, but I thought it'd be pretty cool to start with something wittty. Not to lighten the mood for a sad and serious topic, I just like witty things. 

I seem to think a lot lately about about my teachers. I don't think I've ever cared so much about them, but I seem to now. Then I started thinking about my past teachers. I even wrote a blog about one of my past primary teachers (that I'm still yet to publish). But teachers have been in my head a lot. Maybe it's because I care about my education more than ever, or maybe because they have such different personalities. Or maybe... I don't know. I really wanted to have a third "or maybe" point. Three is a good number for examples. Two just doesn't feel like enough. But four is too much. Like when writing essays. You should have three main points. For excellence. Well, it was like that for the previous years. I probably have to write more than that for NCEA Level Two. I got a certificate from school saying I got Level Two with Merit. Which is totally incorrect. It was supposed to say "Level One with Merit". But I just kept it because I don't wanna go to school and ask them to re-print me a certificate with the right number. Partly, because I don't think it matters THAT much. I was awarded and recognised for my efforts. I don't wanna ruin it with technical issues. And besides, it makes for a (slightly) funny story and it'll be pretty neat to show people. Although, it's not THAT funny of a story. I (accidently) told it twice to my cousin and she was so over it by the second time. I think she thinks it's a pretty lame story. Ooh, some admin person did a typo. Big Woop. I hate it when I tell people stories twice. It's embarassing because I'm so excited to share my happiness and they're just like "yeah yeah, I know. And then you were like "It's supposed to be level ONE not TWO. I know, you already told me". Then I'm just like "oh." Gone is the happiness. Then I rack my brain to think of something cool to say to redeem myself. But I almost never have something to say. Then there's an awkward silence. And nobody likes those. Then sometimes I just burst out laughing at how stink the situation is. Then they look at me like I'm a weirdo. Pftt.

I can't believe you read all of this. You must be as bored as I am. OR maybe you're just interested in what I had to say. OR maybe you were so engrossed at my words of wisdom that you just needed more. 
(see that, three.)

I need sleep.

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  1. Lol...what a random blog. I have to say I read it all the way through and was hoping for a big ending that didn't come, but then you never said there would be a big ending right? Hopefully you made it to the end of this comment without yawning :)