Saturday, March 19, 2011

Calling Elijah

I haven't listened to Calling Elijah for years! I came across their self titled debut EP (that we got that time they came to our church) and I was thinking "Hey! These guys!". So I put played them on the stereo last night and listened to them all night long. I fell asleep with them playing...

I only knew and liked two songs from them prior to last night. "Oblivious" and "Dear God" because those were the ones they preformed for us when they came. But I finally listened to the rest of their EP and I really like them!   I like their lyrics and their sound. Here's how they describe their style, "When you take gutsy rock vocals and punchy rap rhythms, and lay them over a blend of acoustic guitars, keyboards and percussion, you have that sound that is uniquely Calling Elijah."

My favourite song from them at the moment is "Silent Whispers"
"All the pain, you understand it all.
And I don't say a word and you don't seem to mind it,
You just wrap your arms around me, and we sit and talk in silence."

I really really like this EP. I wouldn't mind getting a hold of their other EP, titled "Inside Out".

"Calling Elijah is now finished....Thanks to everyone who has supported us in any way over the years... you are appreciated." 8:38 a.m. 5 Oct, 2009

What?! Bummer.


  1. did they break up gutz i wanted to grab their album hook it up

  2. listened to that cd again? I remember killing 'Oblivious' in the car :)