Friday, March 25, 2011

How Was Camp?

So I just back from Biology Camp and I get asked "How was camp?" a lot. I get sick of that question after the first five times. I guess it's not other people's fault. It's a harmless question. They don't know that I'm over telling people why I liked and hated it at the same time and how I still miss it despite I complained so much about it. But please see it from my point of view, I don't wanna talk about it over, and over again. The stories get boring to me, then they'll be boring for you.

And after getting asked so many time, I start thinking about how many people actually want to know. Cos some people don't seem that interested in the details I provide. So after a while, I just say camp was good. I can't be bothered. Sorry.

I must say, I favourite part was hanging out with people. And none of them were my family.
 What a changes guy.

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  1. Stratification in action! Zonation in motion! Hahahaha Rocky Shore? That's all I remember. That's all that was important. Lol. :)