Sunday, March 20, 2011

[I Am] Yours Sincerely

One of my favourite things ever is sincerity. I love it. I love it when people say it how it is. Because when they do say nice things, I know it's true. Not just lip-service. 

Words Of Affirmation is my secondary love language and I still hear the words long after they're spoken. I think it's common for girls... right? Words mean so much to me. I don't like when people ask how I am just for formalities sake. I know, I'm just being an over-analytical douche and I should just calm down. Or maybe I don't need to. Maybe you should ask about my well-being when you care. How about that?

When God says nice things about/to me, I think to myself "yeah whatever, you say that EVERYBODY. Why should I consider it special? Why should I consider me special, if that's what you say about every Tom, Dick and Harry?" I asked God this because I was sick of hearing the same positive, encouraging words - it started sounding blasé...

Then He told me this: "I'm not a human".
Just like that. No blinding light streaming into my bedroom and a loud thundering voice speaking with "thou"s and "shan't"s. He just stated these words and let them sit there until the light bulb in my head flicked on.

And there was my mistake. I limited God. And by limited, I mean foolishly believed that he only had the capability of truly loving only a handful of people. I actually convinced myself that God couldn't possibly think that much and care that much about every single soul, including my own. But he does. Of course he does. He's God!

My parents unconditionally love my six siblings and I all the same. I have no doubt in the world about that. God's the same. Only, on a much larger scale. He can't just pick and choose between us humans. We're His. All of us. And he loves us the same. Him being God, that love is incredibly, indescribably, super massive.

His words are sincere. I finally understand in my heart that those words of love I come across in the Bible are so applicable to me. As much as it is to you. 


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