Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Words speak. Actions shout. Jesus couldn't have shouted louder than dying on the cross all those years ago. How massive must his love be that he suffered what he did in the hope that we accept what he offers. Life eternal. 

I remember (not exactly when) the time when I first decided to become a Christian was at a Sunday night service about Jesus' love and sacrifice. I don't know remember who spoke or the bible verses used (this was some years ago) but what I do remember was how I felt that night. 

I felt loved. I really did. I couldn't believe what He went through for me (I'm still wrapping my head around it actually). I remember the gruesome slideshow of pictures shown (from the film The Passion Of The Christ I think). The pictures showed no holy light, or doves flying around, or harps and trumpets or hugs and smiles. It was horrific and it looked painful. Which is what it was like for Him at the time. Absolutely horrible.

Father if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will but yours be done 
 - Luke 22:42

He felt the agony as any human being would. He didn't die a quick, easy death. It was messy, bloody and majorly scarred his body. It was gross, it was long, it was ridiculously sore. 

It's a good thing Easter is celebrated every year. It reminds us of that death and the resurrection that allows us to go to Heaven so we don't forget. But an even better thing is if it were celebrated privately in our hearts much more frequently than annually. 

Thank you for this free yet expensive gift Lord. Help me to not become complacent with it. You've given me one big reason and many more to love you. You loved me when I gave you no reason at all. You just loved me.

This was going to be a facebook status but I had way more to say than I initially intended.


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