Saturday, April 2, 2011

What A Girl Wants

I remember years ago (maybe five-ish) my cousin and I were given about 40 bucks each and we were making a list of what we would use it on. She wrote down toys and other bits and bobs and I wrote down items of clothing I needed and school supplies. I remember her saying "No, you can't buy those 'cos they're what you need, not what you want."

For years, I've been very shy about saying what I wanted. I never wanted to seem like a brat and ask for something just because I liked it and wanted it. The few times I did get what I wanted, I regretted it. I didn't love it forever. I got sick of it. 
I didn't like that money was wasted on something I just changed my mind about.

Once, my mother and I were at the shoe store and she pointed out a pair of sneakers she wanted to buy for me. But instead I pointed at these other pink and black shoes which I liked better. Even though she disagreed with me, she bought them anyway. Days later, I didn't want them anymore. I wore them for a total of one time. What a waste.

So now I always second-guess myself. What I like and dislike. I think about it for a long time and I have to weigh out the pros and cons and really understand why I want what I want. 

I think that's one reason why I don't have a favourite colour. Because I don't have any good reason to prefer one colour over the rest. It's just a colour. It has not done anything greater than another.

The only thing that makes me like a certain colour better than another (for a while) is if it's someone I like's favourite. "Laura, stop conforming". Am I? 
The reason I do that is because that colour then has a positive connotation to it - something the other colours are missing.

A friend of mine did this quiz thingy to me and asked me three questions - what my favourite colour was and why, if I could have ANY pet in the world (both real of fictional) what would it be and why, and if I were to be any of the four elements (fire, water, wind, earth) what would I be and why.

I told him I didn't have a favourite colour but he wouldn't accept so I said that neutral, nude colour because it's not noticable and I didn't really count it as a colour. I chose no animal, and the element wind, because it's air which can fit anywhere - like a box (what a stink reason. Why did I even say that). All these represented something - which then made me look stupid and I was not happy with the results because I disagreed with them.

I think I should've got more time to think about it - it was not fair that he sprung these questions on me which I had to answer immediately. I did have enough research about animals to really pick one.

So here is my resubmission:

Favourite colour (for now) - Pink, because it's pretty (that's right that's my reason).

Pet chosen - Talking Pegasus. It can take me on exciting adventures or just for a ride when I'm stressed, bored or to get somewhere and I want to be able to talk to him about my day and have him talk back. He won't be annoying like a talking parrot. Even though he'll probably do huge poos that I'll have to clean up, I'll just clean them because he's my pet. You know, give-take.

Element - Water. Because it can be more than one state, while still remaining water. It can be a solid (strong), liquid (refreshing, cleansing) and gas (go everywhere)


So I didn't write about what I initially wanted to say so I'll save that for another blog.


  1. Don't know what you were originally going to write, but I like this blog :)
    I try to "simmer over" things before making a choice so that the initial excitement and "I want that" feeling dies out. Yay, that means you're as normal *cough* as me. Lol!

  2. We're totes normal! I like the term "simmer over". I'll use that from now on.

  3. you cant re submit that test cause you know what the answers are, the first one is the only one that counts.

  4. I'm the exception to the rule. This submission is valid.

  5. LOL at this blog garty, love it. :)