Monday, May 16, 2011

End Of An Era

At my school, one of the official school rules are "no coloured finger nail polish". This rule is ignored by teachers so I took it as an indication that it was unofficially discarded. I even got complimented on my nails by my female teachers.

However, this year, I have a teacher who's pedantic about school rules. I guess every teacher should be but most of them choose their battles, which are usually not to do with the nail polish regulation. Which is why this teacher took me by surprise. Anyway, he pointed out my nail polish (green at the time) and said "Nice nail polish. Too bad you're not allowed them at school.... You'll have them removed tonight right?" I'm not actually sure if the first part was a compliment or sarcastic.
And that's my sad story on why I no longer wear coloured nail polish. While I'm deeply saddened by this affair, I'm actually glad that at least one teacher cares about school rules. It's nice to know that not everyone is getting lazy.

My weekly ritual was painting my nails. Every week had a new colour. Every weekend, I had the exciting job on deciding a new colour to wear. It's a hobby I share with my sister and mum. But no longer. They must go on without me. I'm left to merely buffering and maybe clear nail polish (as it is colourless). I have to now find another activity to fill this hobby hole.

Here's a glimpse on my past. *deep breath*

It's better to have loved and lost it than to never loved at all.

Goodbye my lover, 
goodbye my friend. 
You have been the one. 
You have been the one for me.


  1. Dislike! :( Laura! Totally not cool. Wish all my students were like you. One girl came to school with yellow nails..and completely ignored my request to remove it :( no good.

  2. Ah bummer - I feel like there is an unspoken no colour rule at work, so I wear lots of different nudes... lots of people wont notice nudes and you can still have sweet nails! So I have an extremely large collection of nude/non existent colours (just ask Donna). OPI does some really nice light pinks (Fav is Bubble Bath)or sandy colours (Samoan Sand is my all time fav - onto my second bottle) and you can get some subtle shimmers (Get me to the Taj on Time). I think maybe we need a nail painting date.

  3. Yes Lawlaw, I can confirm Gin's extensive nude nail colour collection! The opposite of our nail collection lol