Friday, May 20, 2011

New Buzz(es)

Clean kitchen. When I saw Amy's mum's kitchen and how spotless it was, I thought to myself (something along the lines of)"I gotta get me one of those". So now when I do the dishes and put them away, wipe the surfaces and put things away and waste in the bin and sweep the floor, I stand back for a while and admire the cleanliness of it (I really do). I smile and walk away. There's something soothing about a clean Kitchen. Thanks Gogs for pushing me off my lazy arse and making me do it even (and especially) when I was obviously against it. 

Clean nails. Now that I don't wear coloured finger nail polish, *moment of silence*  *exhale slowly* .... I pay extra attention at how clean my nails are.

Hip Hop and R 'n' B songs I used to like two years + ago. TLC, Destiny's Child, Anything featuring T.I and others. They don't make it like that anymore (except for Nelly). Hip Hop and Techno are intertwined now, mostly. Well, the ones I know.

Dr Who

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  1. Yay Gogs!! Fight the good fight! Welcome to the light, Laws :)