Thursday, June 30, 2011

Teacher (2)

There's a teacher at my school who I think is cool. And by cool, I don't mean she's lenient about homework or gives lots of free time or lets us eat in class (well, I wouldn't know if she does all this because she's not, in fact, one of my teachers).
But the one hour I did have her, I just thought she was really... cool. She was sincere, wasn't patronizing, witty, knew what she was talking about, clarified things and was just so... cool.

I think a lot of people thought she was a bit odd (that's just an inference, and maybe that only applied to the dude sitting next to me). But she reminded me of myself. And I'm sad that I got to have a taste of her teaching. Because now I know what I'm missing out on. Oh well, fingers crossed for next year!

And I have a feeling this makes me sound like a suck-up to teachers or whatever, but hey, teacher's are people too. Sometimes I wish I was older and knew teachers on a personal level because they make for good conversation. Teachers have one of the most interesting jobs to me. Because students come in a large variety and I like to hear what the adults who engage with them daily deal with it all. How do they keep themselves from strangling students when year after year they just drive you up the wall? Why do some of them seem like they just really don't like students when their job requires that they work with them every day?

But anyway, pftt... I'm cool. Keep it real.... gangsta....

(I'm tired so I'm hesitant about posting this.... I'll just delete if I wake up and I don't like it)

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  1. Teachers are cool. Even the ones that insist they're right even though the text book plainly states otherwise, and the ones that judge you based on the students you choose to hang out with, and the ones that chase you out of class for not wearing your uniform :D

    Ok, so I may have had a bad run with some of them, but where would I be without them...I shudder to think