Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cleaning Up

On my data traveler (USB device), I store photos, pictures, documents for school and music. In my folder of pictures (titled 'Pictures' and not to be mistaken for 'Photos'), some of the files were in sub-folders but the majority were just floating around in the main lobby of the 'Pictures' folder. I tried to ignore it and even made a 'Misc' folder and stuffed everything in there (much like my clothes and my closet and drawers). However, this didn't sit well with my conscience, so I made sub-folders for all my pictures. 
Ahh... feels so much better.

Yeah, I'm not enjoying the quality of this picture too

iTunes neatness
- 'Feats' go on the song title column e.g Who Are We Fooling (feat. Aqualung) by Brooke Fraser
- Everything is spelt correctly. If I'm unsure, use whatever spelling Wikipedia uses
- Everything needs album art. If the song was not released as a single or on an album, I put a plain, nice photo of the artist(s).
- Songs that don't meet this criteria will be fixed immediately... or deleted.
- tip: Use Wikipedia for all the information required. It's the easiest option.

Where did that song come from? Oh well - EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE.


  1. Don't tell me you're talking about U2 and Mary J?? Don't delete...don't delete!

  2. LOL not that one - I LIKE that song. I meant that random on at the bottom with the "!"