Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kelvyn Gee!

Thank you to the Johnstons for making me feel like family :D
I had great time - being an honorary Johnston brother (thanks for that Malcom).

Baking Green Velvet cupcakes is certainly something I will always remember (and NEVER repeat). What a fail in our colouring! Oh well, the cookies were heaps better (despite the fact we totes forgot the (brand new) baking soda).

Aahh and then there was Phase 10. The card game that turned family to foe *cue lightning strike*

Liv being cute with the cards
Liv being super attractive and Luke tryin' to be the man at Phase 10
She had all the luck on her side

Liv and I painted our nails the same colour. You know what they say, great minds always opt for a blood red rather than soft barbie pink when wanting a daredevil feel . Yep, they say that.

Table tennis - I'm pretty good
She struggled to get down after this photo was taken

Thanks for the fun guys! Shout out to my homeboy Olivia Rose (Liv) for inviting me and treating me like a queen (not) and for the many conversations I shall remember (and hold against you for years to come).

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  1. Oh Laura :) lol. You are very much welcome for being treated like royalty.haha. I think you are truly the first of my friends to come over and be treated just like a brother (and I'll forgive you this one time for spelling my dads name wrong). Those photos of me are so unflattering but yeah you look good in them as always. I must say our GREEN velvet cupcakes were pretty good even if they looked like um yeah I dunno but mmm I'm gonna make more of those cookies :) Oh well yip i like this though... Love you brother :D