Sunday, July 31, 2011

Leaving A Message For Myself (and probably you)

Dear Future Laura,

Do your homework NOW! When you receive it. Straight away! As in, today. You always put it off saying you'll do it tomorrow (you won't!). Then come the night before it's due (plus the morning afterwards) you are working in panic-stress mode trying to get it done.


It's nearly midnight and I regret not using the past two weeks to do a little bit here and there and completing all this work at a reasonable pace. Seriously, my hands are cold and my eyes are tired. But I've decided to take a few minutes to leave this important message to you (then I'll exit the internet). You will not do as well as you could've if you did some work for the past TWO WEEKS.

I wanna sleep and get a good night's rest for the first day back tomorrow. But alas, I must pay for my laziness and am slaving away NOW. Do you want this again? Do you? DO YOU?!

No.  I didn't think. So stop checking your blog stats, tumblr and facebook page. Exit it now. NOW NOW! Get your butt off the internet! Because this. Is. Not. Fun. I'm cold and tired and unhappy. You don't want to be like me! (old you).

Take care of yourself, you are wonderful and should not be put in this situation that I'm in. You are too wonderful for that honey. I love you. Be well.... AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK. NOW.

With Love,
The old, tired, grumpy, cold, late nighter Laura who will not get a good sleep.


  1. What? Log out of everything? Ok, I guess it will help me get the work done that I was supposed to spread over the weekend. Hope you're not reading this message until tomorrow evening, grumpy old Laura.

  2. Hi Laura, can I just say that even though Im really old and should know better - I still leave things to the last minute and stay up crazy the night before and i always always tell myself, "Im never going to do this again, this is so dumb". I really hope that you have beter luck with listening to your excellent advice! (oh and tell us when you make it work so I can stop being so irresponsible.)
    Hey, i love seeing that you're blogging so regularly! Awesome. (hmm, i wondr which sister blogs the mostest?...Im so glad none of my little sisters blog. they might say too many bad things about me)

  3. Aren't we all procrastinators? It's like an epidemic... Almost makes you wanna be the first of all the people you know that doesn't procrastinate.. Almost...

    Bet you did well anyway! As long as you didn't do your presentation on the importance of voting in local elections (or spitting and spit particles), you should be just fine :)

  4. I'm getting better. Small steps eh? I re-read this just now and I have to say I'm pretty convincing.... lol

    @Lani - Oh no, Sina's blogging more regularly... Must... compete... lol