Saturday, July 2, 2011

One Year Anniversary Fail

So I planned to write a blog exactly one year since my first blog and then reflect on how much I've changed (if I did) on my writing style and what's changed in my life in a year.
But being like, 6 days late from that mark is kind of a buzz kill. But not fully a buzz kill so I'll write a celebratory blog nonetheless. Cos what the heck - my blog, my rulezz.

(Approximately) A year ago, my brother jumped back on his blog wheel after being away for a year. It was then that he planted the idea of starting up my own blog.
And so my self-titled blog (because I'm just so creative like that) was born. It was meant to be private (as in, I don't tell anyone I know) but I accidentally slipped to my brother that I had one. So my anonymity lasted for about a day.

Sometimes (most times) I look back at my old blog posts and cringe and think to myself 'Is that really what I wrote? Eww..." So to keep myself from deleted those oldies, I just don't read them. It's a bit embarrassing reading them now. Especially when I don't the way I did. I guess that's growing up right? One change is that I don't care all that much for the things I complained about on my blog "Sucky!". I care less about the things I wrote on "Before I Turn 60". I haven't really changed about the things I wrote on "tehehehe :D".

Anyway, here's to one year gone and hopefully a few more to come. And hopefully I remember to post on the right day next year!

Peace Owwt homiiie


  1. AMEN!! Lol

    Happy birthday, Laura Toailoa - the blog, not the person. I love reading your writing, especially the posts that you threaten to delete.

    Keep on keeping on!

    Oh...and a little bird told me there was an all-nighter baking session...? Where are the photos!!

  2. Congratulations on making it to a year! Writing and improving our writing is a marathon not a sprint and too many of us quit too soon. The best way to BE a writer, is to write. All the time. As much as possible. About anything and everything. Whether its amazing or not. Like you, i read over my old stuff and cringe ewwww. And think about deleting it! So even us 'OLD' bloggers get those feelings.
    Looking forward to lots more great blog posts.