Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Random Blog

I had alot of dreams last night and I remember bits and pieces of them. I hate how REAL it seemed then bang! I wake up on the couch (yeah, I sleep there even though I have a room). My dreams are so interesting and so... fun. It's so movie-like in the sense that there's always SOMETHING happening. I'm running away from monsters trying to kill me, I'm hanging out with every friend I've ever had on a beach somewhere and everyone knows each other. I remember feeling either super scared (that I don't wanna go back to sleep), or super sad (that I wake up crying), or super happy (that I close my eyes and try to get back there).
There's never a dull moment. Which is so different to my real life. 

Speaking of real life, I have an English report that is due on Tuesday and I have no interest in it anymore. I'm confident I won't fail, but I want better than merely passing.... I wanna want it MORE. English is my least favourite subject. Only because it's the most difficult.

I was watching the first three seasons of The Hills and MAN they have changed so much! Lauren was new to her internship at Vogue and was stumbling here and there making mistakes and learning how focussed, precise and quick on your feet you have to be. Heidi looked mega different (obv.), we're introduced to Justin Bobby and Whitney is the competent hardworking girl she always is.

I feel like going to a hoedown. With full on cowboy attire in a dusty barn with hay and a live band. With everyone dancing with a partner and line-dancing. Or a ball. With ballroom dancing. 

Okay... not like this

More like this... casual



  1. ... noticed you didn't say anything about Audrina in that little Hills paragraph... hmmm...

  2. lol! Cos her only drama is Justin Bobby