Tuesday, July 26, 2011

YouTube Haters Gon' Hate

I usually don't care about YouTube hating comments. I mean, it's a given when you have a world-wide audience that can voice their (arrogant) opinion with a push of a button. I usually stay away from them. 
So Relient K (one of my favourite bands) covered 'Baby' by the Biebernator (which is my fave song from him). The comments were flooded with hate comments towards Bieber. All who loved the cover kept saying how they made such an 'awful' song bearable. They didn't even do anything to it - they just played it!! Well, they gave it different more rocky feel but it's still basically the same song.
Like I said before, I usually don't care about the loser comments that people post but I'm so irritated that I'll let it out here (to all you lovely readers who adore me and won't jump on that hating band-wagon) rather than commenting on the YouTube clip and giving everyone a telling off. Because we all know how un-effective that would be.
Here are some of them so you can see where I'm coming from:
"More proof that all you need is a great singer to turn an awful song great"
"I heard Justin Bieber did a cover of this song... sorry I just had to say that!" YOU'RE NOT SORRY!!!
"some loser 12 year old made a really lame cover of this song"
"wow, it's so much better! so glad they improved it. Relient K, you never let me down"
"this sounds better when a guy sings it"
Comments that didn't make me go Super Saiyan
"Not a fan of JB but this is a great cover. :)"
...I realised I wrote 'comments' and not 'comment' but that's all I could find.....

I've calmed down a lot since I first started writing this. Yeah... I'm good now. I can face the world with a smile. Anypoos, give the cover a listen. I like it.

I like him


  1. Had to throw the Dr Who pic in at the end ay lol. TBH I couldn't believe that Relient K could even stoop as low as covering Justin Bieber (sorry but I don't like his music at all although he seems like a really nice guy). I'm gonna listen to it now and see what it's like...

  2. Lyla loved the song...but I think it's coz she already likes the Bieber version. She was dancing and singing to it. TBH I actually like the Bieber version better. It really didn't need the electric guitar.

  3. This song reminds me of Hanson's "Mmmbop". Happy sounding but actually a sad song.

  4. I know what you mean about haters on YouTube! It pisses me off too ! They have no respect for anyone and they can be anonymous too with their lilgirl_893 usernames and what not.

    Anyway another insightful post :)