Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm A Fan... Sort Of

Something that makes me uneasy is claiming to be a fan of things that people have liked/loved for years before I even came across it. I feel an inferiority for not being AS a devoted fan of it as a lot of people are.

For example, bands like Kings Of Leon and U2. I feel like REAL fans liked them before they were mainstream. REAL fans like their songs that aren't singles. REAL fans like the hits the least. REAL fans know the band's history and how they came to be. REAL fans keep up with their lives.

Well you know what negative thinking?! I think you're just being silly and 'REAL' fans don't exist. There is no hierarchy of music loving and songs are made to be enjoyed. Stop getting caught up with the elitism mentality and just STOP thinking about it so much.

Ignore the overly zealous internet extremists who think they can define what a "true fan" is like. Just stop. Okay? You go on liking what you like without worrying about where you stand on the non-existent continuum you think is there. Alright?



  1. I bet all musicians love every tier of their fandom. Even the MH kids who think that Muse are a brand new band that wrote Supermassive Black Hole for the Twilight movie... Oh actually...

  2. I loved U2 before anyone else I knew in NZ. Wrote it all over my school books, uniform, probably even the school furniture. Still have all the records- yes records of U2. Funny thing is, I just prefer their early music and not so much their new stuff.