Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Night In The Life Of

WARNING: Content may contain a boring sequence of events. You are free of any obligation of scrolling to the very end. Content contains 8 photos that may take long to load if you do not have broadband. Apologies for not having it in text only (if this is an inconvenience).

Note: I advise you read my story with an elderly British woman voice. That's how I do anyway... makes it much more enjoyable. Try it. Out loud. While the people in your house laugh at you. Go on.

Once upon a Monday night, I had homework. Not your usual essay writing or exam studying. No. This was a very simple but very time constraining task. I had to make playing blocks for children. Because it was all I had, I used paper, a pair of scissors, glue, a ruler and colouring pencils to make my blocks.

No printer = Having to measure and rule up my own cube shape. For every cube. Because I wanted the utmost accuracy in measurements. So I carefully ruled up 6x6cm cubes. Fun.

It took A LOT of time to do just one. I didn't realise how time consuming it was and regretted not starting it earlier. I made three and put them into an ice cream container so they wouldn't get squashed in my school bag. But when I put them in the box, there was a gap in the container that was just BEGGING me to fill it with another cube.

I had a squirmish feeling inside as I stared at that MASSIVE gap and couldn't shake the discomfort. So I decided, instead of going to bed before midnight, I'd make another one.

Aaaah... so much better. So not only is my OCD tendency calmed, I feel a bit happier I completed another block and thus I only have to do two more another day, rather than three more.  Time for a nice rest in my warm room (I did these cubes in the cold dining room deliberately so my incentive to hurry up and finish is to get to my lovely, heated room). So I'm feeling quite good right about now. Nice, productive night and now retreating to my haven.

I reach my lovely, heated room and start packing my backpack for school tomorrow. As I'm merrily putting books into my bag - to my horror - I come across my English report I was meant to edit and hand back to my teacher. Tomorrow (well, technically TODAY... but that's not better. In fact, that's worse).

I mentally kick myself for forgetting and very slowly make my way to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee - it ain't over till its over. *sigh*

Then. The the worst happens. I can't find my data traveler (U.S.B device or whatever you call it). I've already done some editing and saved it on there. Now. I. Don't. Have. It. I frantically search it all the pockets of my school uniform and my pencil and my backpacks million pockets. Nothing. Zero. Zilch.

I remember VERY clearly using it at my cousin's house after school. Then I fell asleep on the couch. I don't know what happened to it after that.

Did I make a second copy of my saved work?
Even though my teacher specifically emphasised these kind of things happen?
That's correct.
So I've definitely learnt the hard way.
Due tomorrow.

And that's how it ends boys and girl. With me worrying. And data-traveler-less. And tired too.
Hope you enjoyed this story more than me.



  1. Hilarious, Rex! Those photos really made the blog. I really enjoyed this story, thanks for sharing :)
    BTW was that a fobby you were drinking?

  2. Wow Laura, you're such an awesome at documenting time and events. Lol, now that's a compliment no one expects to make... Looking forward to hear about what became of this report.

    P.S. Those blocks look awesome, and that space SO needed filling.

  3. Hahahahaha. This post is awesome. It made my day :)Those boxes are so adorable (I love your dedication to your "fill-in" subject- all those time consuming hours!) And that space in the box definitely needed to be filled.haha. And I love your photos. It makes the blog that much better.

  4. @Bina - that sure was a fobby. Faithful friend during the darkest of nights.

    @Adelz - Thanks! :D I love documenting events. Oh, I can call that my new hobby. Documenting. Lovely.

    @Liv - Tell me about it. I so wasn't expecting to have to do this much for my "other" subject. LOL

    [very] glad you guys enjoyed my story. I found that ..... (okay, I started writing this sentence but then switched to another tab and when I returned... I forgot what I was saying. Woops.)