Monday, August 29, 2011

A Peek Into My Secret World

Here are glimpses of the things I never finished writing. [and my thoughts on them now in the square brackets]

- I watch way less television since we lost our Sky. I even stopped following Neighbours. I don't know if Kate is over Mark, if Summer is still an intern at the local newspaper, if Tash and her dad are on good terms or what Sonya and Tody are up to... [I still miss Neighbours. Not enough to make me sit in front of the television at the scheduled time though]

 I generally warm to older people easier than people my age and younger. There's probably some deep mental reason why that is (which I may ponder on for days to come) but I'll give the surface reasons why I think that is... [sorry you don't get to see the reasons :P]

- Bad Idea To Reflect On Your Life While Emo... [Must have been that time of the month]

If you know me, you probably know I like love this show. A lot. It gets me excited - the edge of  my seat excited (I mean that quite literally at times). [about Dr Who]

If you are familiar with the website Facebook (of course you are!), you'd know there are many "That awkward moment..." 'likes' there. Well, I thought I'd share an awkward moment of mine. I'll also give the background leading up to the moment just to show how awkward it really was for me... [oh yeah, I was going to write about the time I peed in my pants in Noel Leeming. I was going to make a nice, exciting story too.]

As I was drawing up, decorating and cutting out cubes made out of paper (I stuck two together to make it thicker), I thought about Prince Charming. That is NOT a codeword for a male I fancy - I simply mean the Disney character named Prince Charming... [I was going to write about his superficial name and that he's not a real prince. A bit mean really]

When people offer that they'll be there if I need to talk, I usually don't take up on that offer. It's just that, I think that if I ever needed someone to talk to, I would like to talk to someone who didn't have to offer. Someone who I automatically go to because that's just who I talk to. Really talk to... [this was AGES ago... maybe one day I'll come to it and finish it off]

Geek. Repeat that words several times and it sound funny. In fact, just the once might be enough. [I don't even remember where I was going with that!]

I have these moments - sometimes short, sometimes long - where I can sit or lie there and cry. I cry about nothing in particular but everything at once. It's like a massive avalanche of depression just bombarded me yet when I think about it, it's more like a large mountain that's slowly been piling up on me. [Wow. That's intense. This was a while back. Anyone relate?]

A pro about being a girl is that I can understand them better than the average man. Boy am I glad that I've been in a girl's head [mine] and explored her [my] thinking because MAN it's complicated. [A PRO about being a GIRL?? Who SAYS that? lol!]

- Lists are soothing. When my mind is buzzing about a billion things and I'm about to explode from a panic attack, I pause, pray, wait a few minutes and then list the things I need to do. I number them in order of priority and urgency then I go down the list and tick things off as I go. Seeing it all on paper makes things so much simpler. I like lists. Esp. when it comes to homework.

- One of these days, I won't pretend I don't understand, and will just go ahead and kill the mood by saying 'Huh? I don't get it'. Instead of laughing in my confusion. [hahaha]

Our natural abilities, acquired skills, appearance, achievements, and reputation are things that describe us. But they aren't what define us. [Oh I like that. Yes, very nice.]

I'll leave you with a Jack Handy quote.
If you're robbing a bank and you're pants fall down, I think it's okay to laugh and to let the hostages laugh too, because, come on, life is funny.


  1. Wow and I thought I had a lot of unpublished blogs! I would have been interested to see those unpublished reasons in number 3. And the Doctor Who one sounds like it would have been really good :D

  2. I have LOADS more! Just picked a handfull XD