Thursday, September 29, 2011


I've found from personal experience, it is so much easier to be cool on the internet rather than in person. You may or may not agree with me but whatevs. I'll explain further.

If I write a witty or quirky message on fb. It will get a fair amount of likes. Even from acquaintances who I don't really talk to. Which is a nice little way of still maintaining the little connection we have. But say the same thing during conversation and it's so out of place and you get the odd look or laughed at.

So here are some conclusions I can draw from my observations:

a) Unlike face-to-face conversations, fb messages can be very random and enjoyable at the same time. Face-to-face conversations requires things to be in context or else it'll be too out of the blue.

b) My friends who I hang out with don't share the same humour as me and I should just ditch them to hang out with the acquaintances who appreciate my jokes.

c) Weirdness is diluted when translated into words. Messages written have a different tone or voice than messages said. And words written have a tidier feel (does that make sense to you?).

d) People who "like" my fb words are actually laughing at me. Not with me...... naah! That can't be it!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Assortment

Pretty soap at the carwash - and I, being the fob that I am, was sitting in awe in the mini-wan while the machines cleaned the car. Good times...

I LOVE letters and cards. I was going to blog about it and so I took about 8 photos relating to it. But I never did go through with it.

FYI, if one day you ever thought "Hey, I feel like giving Laura something because I just love her so," then a card or a letter  on refill paper would suffice. In fact, it'll be better than average.

One day, I went over to my friend's house to help her study and I knocked some of the keys off her laptop. Then I put the N in the wrong place so I had to [carefully] pick at it until it came off.
Also, I fell asleep while she read over her chemistry notes.
Just call me the best friend ever!
(p.s You rock Liv!)

I was also going to blog about winning prizes but then I realised I haven't acutally won enough things to blog about (excluding Participation certificates cos those never count).

But one thing (of the two that came to mind) I DID  win was a bag of Jaffas from a guess-the-amount-of-jaffas-in-the-bag competition.

This is the bag with hardly anymore jaffas. One makes many friends when one has a giant bag of candies.

I was pretty extremely stoked that I won though!!

 One day,
I plugged the kitchen sink, turn the tap on, squirt some dishwashing liquid and walked away. 

I thought I could watch some Neighbours (as in, the Australian television show. I didn't go out of my way to look at the people living next-door or anything) while the water ran.

Then bam! My brother came and told me he just saved my life. I initially thought "Huh? I don't get your joke..." and gave him a strange look. But he nodded towards the kitchen (like how gangsters show direction instead of pointing) and I walked to the sink and realise that yes, he did indeed save my life. JUST in time.
What a hero indeed.

Check out how level that is! What a close call!

Monday, September 12, 2011

This Cookie Has Been Around Town

If you know me, then you'll know I like baking. I make pretty good stuff and I swear I'm not trying to be a disgustingly overly-modest dick, BUUUT, I put it 90% down to the fact that I just have good recipes. Monkey read, monkey do. It's just that this monkey reads the good stuff. ANYPOOS, with that intro over with, here's the next intro.

I have this chocolate chip cookie recipe given to me by my sister, Sina (who's a darn good baker). Lot's of recipes have come in and out of my life. Some get lost and forgotten. I get sick of some. But this cookie recipe, remains. 

It's actually a recipe for a giant cookie, and I decide whether I WANT a giant cookie or lots of mini ones or any size in between. They make excellent gifts for the times when I'm poor and can't afford to buy one (ie. all the time), for birthday goodie bags and for parties (well, the parties I go to anyway). Here's a peek at our life together.

Here's to the times we've had and the years to come. Mazel tov!

Me being adventurous and putting peanut butter on it. Not the healthiest of adventures....

A friend and I baked a ridiculous amount for a baby shower. Ridiculous, I tell you. As in, we didn't even need that many. Riddikulus! Wait, no, there were no boggarts...

Left: that's half of them

Right: the other half

It makes for a very delicious Valentine's present. 

Cookies brings friends together :) (and seen in this post)

My fingers are there to show the scale of the cookie.

Tip: Cut the shape out you want asap - It's easier and cleaner that way. (Learned that the hard way, as seen in my Valentine's cookie).

Birthday gift for another friend :)

EDIT: P.S If you want this recipe, hit me up! (did I just say that?)

Going Places, Seeing Things

I took these photos a long while back and decided to post 'em up. My mum and sister and I went bra shopping and stopped by the cafe next door for lunch. I saw these and thought "LOL, Stegosaurus."

(the photos suck because I tried to be undercover with my photogaphy. hehe)

I'm pretty sure New World aren't lacking in funds. I mean, with the prices of their groceries - surely they can afford proper pricing-thingy-ma-bobs

One off my fave bakeries with their awesome spelling 

 This Lace and Craft business it totes legit! Like, people GO here

My lovely friend Janelle and I went to a nice little sushi place for lunch one Friday. Everything was so clean and classy and quite quaint. What I loved was their problem solving skills.

Problem: Chairs are slippery on wooden floor and make an annoying scratching sound.

Solution: Balls. The tennis ones.
Smart Japs.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

L Is For LOL

You might not find this funny but I do.

Okay, so there's this book I found at my house. And I flipped through it because I like reading and reading nearly anything (text on packaging, books, scribbles on a paper etc). It was a book about the alphabet and I found something lol-worthy.

Obviously, the person writing this was including a sentence to put the word in context so the child understands better. So that was nice. And then...

It's. A. Duck. That's it??? The fish was swimming and the monkey was climbing a tree and the lion was an animal. But a duck is just a duck.

D for duck.


It's a duck.


P.S poor photo quality due to not-that-flash of a phone camera. Good enough though right?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Scrapbook September

I had this idea that for the whole of this month, my blogs would be scrapbook style. Mainly photos with a little story about them. I'll call it Scrapbook September. Alliteration's awesome!

So yeah.. first entry - MY WEEKEND

I had a good weekend. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed Saturday and Sunday. Very cool.


- We had a picnic to celebrate my friend, Amrita's (the Indian girl) 17th birthday. It was really nice. Yummy food and good company. It got really windy where we were so we just went and sat in the car - refusing to end our time together. 

- I went with my other friend, Immy (the Filipino girl), to her boyfriend's football game. It was extremely windy then sunny then windy... etc. But it was fun! The opposition's was really angry (maybe that's normal for sports coaches??) and was yelling really hard to his boys. Our team won though! 4-1. Woot!

- I slept over at my cousin's house. Fish 'n' chips, The Voice, carrying a heavy mattress, forcing me to stay up and talk with them and trying (awkwardly) to make conversations. They tricked me into opening up and talking about mushy feelings. Punks. Love 'em! :D

That time of the year where we stop and focus on these amazing things called fathers. Or those who fulfill the role where others fell short. Here's my daddy with his present - a RWC shirt. You can't tell, but he was ECSTATIC. Truly. Love you dad!

- Curled my mummy's hair. You probably don't care, but I like it so I'll slap it on here! The lighting and the camera quality doesn't show the deep red colour in my mum's hair which is a bummer.   

Okay, so it probably doesn't sound like the greatest weekend now that I've written it down. But I can't describe how awesome it was to spend time with the people who I like love. Simple memories. But definitely not insignificant.

HIGHLIGHT of the weekend:

Swinging by myself at the park. I had my earphones on and I just swang and sang. I was a bit loud and a lot flat and off... etc. But I loved it. Felt so liberated. Even when people walked past and sort of stared. I had a blast!

(okay, I realise this has more words than photos.... lol)