Monday, September 12, 2011

Going Places, Seeing Things

I took these photos a long while back and decided to post 'em up. My mum and sister and I went bra shopping and stopped by the cafe next door for lunch. I saw these and thought "LOL, Stegosaurus."

(the photos suck because I tried to be undercover with my photogaphy. hehe)

I'm pretty sure New World aren't lacking in funds. I mean, with the prices of their groceries - surely they can afford proper pricing-thingy-ma-bobs

One off my fave bakeries with their awesome spelling 

 This Lace and Craft business it totes legit! Like, people GO here

My lovely friend Janelle and I went to a nice little sushi place for lunch one Friday. Everything was so clean and classy and quite quaint. What I loved was their problem solving skills.

Problem: Chairs are slippery on wooden floor and make an annoying scratching sound.

Solution: Balls. The tennis ones.
Smart Japs.

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