Thursday, September 8, 2011

L Is For LOL

You might not find this funny but I do.

Okay, so there's this book I found at my house. And I flipped through it because I like reading and reading nearly anything (text on packaging, books, scribbles on a paper etc). It was a book about the alphabet and I found something lol-worthy.

Obviously, the person writing this was including a sentence to put the word in context so the child understands better. So that was nice. And then...

It's. A. Duck. That's it??? The fish was swimming and the monkey was climbing a tree and the lion was an animal. But a duck is just a duck.

D for duck.


It's a duck.


P.S poor photo quality due to not-that-flash of a phone camera. Good enough though right?


  1. LOL I love this! Umm,did you check where the fabulous book was printed? Maybe its from a place in the world where english is not high on the list of spoken languages.

  2. This was a first birthday present of Nati's, from a guy who used to work with Gus. He imports toys from China... Yeah. lol

  3. I guess they didn't want to write - This is delicious. Haha

  4. Oh snap! Good one! And seriously, the pictures looked like they were found on Google instead of drawn by a legit illustrator... Gotta love it! :D