Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Assortment

Pretty soap at the carwash - and I, being the fob that I am, was sitting in awe in the mini-wan while the machines cleaned the car. Good times...

I LOVE letters and cards. I was going to blog about it and so I took about 8 photos relating to it. But I never did go through with it.

FYI, if one day you ever thought "Hey, I feel like giving Laura something because I just love her so," then a card or a letter  on refill paper would suffice. In fact, it'll be better than average.

One day, I went over to my friend's house to help her study and I knocked some of the keys off her laptop. Then I put the N in the wrong place so I had to [carefully] pick at it until it came off.
Also, I fell asleep while she read over her chemistry notes.
Just call me the best friend ever!
(p.s You rock Liv!)

I was also going to blog about winning prizes but then I realised I haven't acutally won enough things to blog about (excluding Participation certificates cos those never count).

But one thing (of the two that came to mind) I DID  win was a bag of Jaffas from a guess-the-amount-of-jaffas-in-the-bag competition.

This is the bag with hardly anymore jaffas. One makes many friends when one has a giant bag of candies.

I was pretty extremely stoked that I won though!!

 One day,
I plugged the kitchen sink, turn the tap on, squirt some dishwashing liquid and walked away. 

I thought I could watch some Neighbours (as in, the Australian television show. I didn't go out of my way to look at the people living next-door or anything) while the water ran.

Then bam! My brother came and told me he just saved my life. I initially thought "Huh? I don't get your joke..." and gave him a strange look. But he nodded towards the kitchen (like how gangsters show direction instead of pointing) and I walked to the sink and realise that yes, he did indeed save my life. JUST in time.
What a hero indeed.

Check out how level that is! What a close call!


  1. lol @ watching some neighbours. I reckon if we did actually neighbour watch, it'll be quite interesting as our neighbours are Madagascan...

  2. Hahahaha I love this :) Then again I love all of your blog posts. When I saw the photo of the keyboard I cracked up laughing cos I was like 'ew that's so dirty' haha. But you are definitely a BFF :P haha. Love that dishes photo too.haha :)