Monday, September 5, 2011

Scrapbook September

I had this idea that for the whole of this month, my blogs would be scrapbook style. Mainly photos with a little story about them. I'll call it Scrapbook September. Alliteration's awesome!

So yeah.. first entry - MY WEEKEND

I had a good weekend. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed Saturday and Sunday. Very cool.


- We had a picnic to celebrate my friend, Amrita's (the Indian girl) 17th birthday. It was really nice. Yummy food and good company. It got really windy where we were so we just went and sat in the car - refusing to end our time together. 

- I went with my other friend, Immy (the Filipino girl), to her boyfriend's football game. It was extremely windy then sunny then windy... etc. But it was fun! The opposition's was really angry (maybe that's normal for sports coaches??) and was yelling really hard to his boys. Our team won though! 4-1. Woot!

- I slept over at my cousin's house. Fish 'n' chips, The Voice, carrying a heavy mattress, forcing me to stay up and talk with them and trying (awkwardly) to make conversations. They tricked me into opening up and talking about mushy feelings. Punks. Love 'em! :D

That time of the year where we stop and focus on these amazing things called fathers. Or those who fulfill the role where others fell short. Here's my daddy with his present - a RWC shirt. You can't tell, but he was ECSTATIC. Truly. Love you dad!

- Curled my mummy's hair. You probably don't care, but I like it so I'll slap it on here! The lighting and the camera quality doesn't show the deep red colour in my mum's hair which is a bummer.   

Okay, so it probably doesn't sound like the greatest weekend now that I've written it down. But I can't describe how awesome it was to spend time with the people who I like love. Simple memories. But definitely not insignificant.

HIGHLIGHT of the weekend:

Swinging by myself at the park. I had my earphones on and I just swang and sang. I was a bit loud and a lot flat and off... etc. But I loved it. Felt so liberated. Even when people walked past and sort of stared. I had a blast!

(okay, I realise this has more words than photos.... lol)

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  1. I love the "ASS" cake! ... OK OK I know, it was an "AS" cake but it's just not as catchy!

    I love swinging also :)